Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Light Rail Extension to North Side

This project is not only bogus spending, but it is going to HURT Pittsburgh's overall health.

County Executive Dan O had some very harsh words about this project on the radio this week when talking to the Allegheny Institute folks. It replays on Sunday on KQV radio. The local match just ISN'T there. Not from the city. Not from the County. Southwest PA Planning folks, I'm not too sure.

I think we could make this an issue for the PRESIDENTIAL race, and the SENATE race.

But, to break this story open, we'd need to do a lot of emailing of press releases and pleads to our friends in other states. Folks in Ohio, New Mexico, California, Michigan and elsewhere are going to be keen on NOT being robbed.

The hour is late. But, this entire project is so bad. With some others here, I think we should try to make some hay out of the issue with a national splash. This was raised a few months ago at a monthly meeting, but, it didn't go far then.

As a fun approach, I see a plan that makes the tunnels much like a SPAM letter from WEST AFRICA or NIGERIA -- where we need your help to recover $380-million.

The only way to get this to stop is to get folks from throughout the USA to stand up for us and themselves in stopping it.

I also think that we should inject design specs into the long-term talk. How about being able to turn the new T-stop at Gateway Center into the SLOTS PARLOR? We should insist that the under-river tubes be able to be DOUBLED so as to be a skateboard park. The ridership at certain times and dates won't hit certain levels. And, on game days, the cars won't handle the bulk of the
passengers. So, it would be better to use the tunnels as pedestrian walkways. One tunnel could be a pedestrian walkway to and from the North Side and the other tunnel could be a bazaar / flea market / garage sale showcase. Then folks can get onto the T in town to go to the South Hills.

Only FAR OUT counters would work now that this is so far along. If others want to help -- let me know.

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