Saturday, September 25, 2004

Band-Aids and Doomsdays

The Port Authority, PAT, had been brewing its "Doomsday budget" and "Doomsday plan" for some months. We've heard about it. That alarm bell rang. On Sept. 25, Doomsday was the lead story in the PG.

The Port Authority would be a shadow of itself," Chief Executive Officer Paul Skoutelas said after yesterday's monthly board meeting. "It's a situation we hope can be averted, but only if we get help from the Legislature and governor's office."

Will Paul Skautelas shadow stay?

Last year PAT got an influx of cash. Guess it was a 'band-aid.' Too many band-aids without any real fixes makes a sure forumula for eventual death.

We need serious evolution with with on-going efforts to make sustainable operations. We can't ignore "capital budgets" as has been the "hands-off approach" by some advocates for public transportation. We all need more courage, advocates and administrators. We can't settle for constant handouts.

Public transportation is important.

We've had a PAT board that didn't listen to citizens.

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