Monday, November 22, 2004

Zippo. The funding prayer gets only more begging.

The trend of of our elected leaders doing one step better than the worse fits the recent actions from the legislature. Funding went to the rural transit systems but PAT was left to sit in its own mess. That isn't close to what is ideal. We can't soar again until we have serious leadership and real discussions.

PAT situation marks a legislature fumble. But, transit advocates fumbled first. That feeling won't win me many friends. However, it is how I feel. PIIN's transit plan was not strong enough. Save Our Transit folks follow a hands off capital budget pledge.

The underwater tunnels for the Allegheny, a re-make of two downtown T-stops and two new for the stadiums is HORRID. Real concerned citizens with courage have been pointing a finger at that bone-headed plan. Transit boosters have given free passes to build. The capital budget might be a different pocket, but it is still our money. Now the transit folks need to put everything on the table.

Think again about the RUNNELS --> the Pgh Big Dig (Boston's is leaking) Chunnel under the River.

Today the transit advocates need to go back to the drawing board. They need to attack on all fronts. They need to show and use their teeth.

If you really want to worry about transit, give me a call 412-298-3432, or dash me an email, Mark at Rauterkus dot com.


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