Monday, January 03, 2005

Letters to the editor, 01/03/2005

Letters to the editor, 01/03/2005Road to ruin

Jim Roddey wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater by continuing to push for the Mon-Fayette toll road ('Creating Two Modern Highways,' Dec. 22 Midweek Perspectives).

Destroy Oakland and cripple Pittsburgh for the sake of pulling off this cruel hoax on the Mon Valley? There is no doubt that communities like Braddock and Clairton are suffering, but there is also absolutely no evidence that building one of the most expensive toll roads in America will do anything to help that situation.

Instead, Mr. Roddey and toll road supporters would like to see one of Allegheny County's most important economic and academic centers sacrificed. That will only help speed the demise of the region. Hardworking taxpayers of the Mon Valley and Pittsburgh alike will be strapped with the debt and the failure of the empty promises of this high-speed road that will quickly take out those who can still afford to leave.

LEE ANN ANTOL, Mount Washington

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