Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Rendell and transit in Pittsburgh. Trends to nowhere.

Lifting the state's real estate transfer tax is exactly the wrong way to go.

Rendell has done too little, too late on transit.

My guess: Rendell feels like he owns the votes in the city, being a Dem. So, he can use the issue (mass transit funding / overhaul) as a wedge issue. He can blow smoke and do little except blame others, like house and senate leaders.

The machine is broken and the wheels are falling off of the bus.

Prediction and historical proof: More stop-gap funding is on the way. New band-aids on older ones while the body is without a heartbeat.

Who else is going to say we don't need a glass enclosed subway stop in Gateway Center to take us under the river to the North Shore that shouldn't happen either.

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