Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances and Lamb's transportation knock

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - Lance: To Michael Lamb. His campaign commercial deriding front-running Democrat Pittsburgh mayoral candidate Bob O'Connor's Downtown-to-Oakland trolley plan only exposes Mr. Lamb's lack of fresh ideas.

A key ingredient of Mr. O'Connor's plan is a unique partnership with prospective private businesses along the route that would pay for most of the line. The idea only is roughed-out now. But it represents fresh thinking that's outside the normally closed 'Burgh box. In the least, it's worth exploring.

A quick check of Lamb's transportation plan -- support for maglev, the North Shore Connector and water transportation -- shows how deeply he believes that diving ever deeper into the taxpayer pocket is somehow a 'solution.'

That said, O'Connorites should not take these words as an overall endorsement of their horse's candidacy. After all, one good idea does not a good mayor make.

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