Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Victory goes like this. Thanks for the work G.W.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County has proposed that the short subway line, originally planned to be constructed between the Steel Plaza Subway Station and the Pittsburgh Convention Center, be deferred to allow available monies to be used to complete the proposed subway link from the Gateway Center Subway Station, under the Allegheny River, to the North Shore. The public comment period for this revision of the original project has just concluded.

About eleven public comments were submitted to the Port Authority. This included one from me and one from the Allegheny County Transit Council (State-designated citizens' advisory organization to PAT). The Port Authority Board of Directors is expected to approve the deferral of construction of the Convention Center Subway Line on Friday morning.

At the following link, you can read the Port Authority's rationale for this revision in the project including a link to the official Environmental Report on the revision, along with the submitted public comments from me and from the Allegheny County Transit Council:


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