Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From: "Fetch, Rover, Fetch" on a Pgh Opinion Newsgroup

PAT is singing the same old song again - and if not exactly the same song, it is a similar tune

we need more $ or we raise rates (to $2.50) and cut service (by 25%) and
cut jobs (up to 3000)

*YET* - PAT is still intent on spending an original estimate of $450 million to drill a hole under the Allegheny river to extend the "T" (our 6 block long subway)

Before ground breaking on this stupidity, PAT has run into cost overruns - first round of bids to start this project came in at about 60% over estimate; as I recall original estimates were around $53 million and the lowest received bid for the first phase of the project was in the area of $80 million

BTW - the tunnel - if completed - would allow our 6 bock long subway to extend to the North side (about 1/4 mi) and would provide service ONLY for the subway.

Yet a less expensive proposal was put forward, instead of a tunnel under a river, a new bridge. Estimated costs were roughly half the estimated cost of a tunnel ($235 million for a bridge vs $450 million for a tunnel). A bridge, could be designated for public transport only (buses, subway, cabs?) as well as including a pedestrian walkway and bike way.

I support Public transportation - BUT - PAT is out of control.

continually threatening service levels and rate hikes while spending huge sums on stupid projects is too much.

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