Friday, March 23, 2007

The Campaign to Stop the Bus Cuts supporters filled the Port Authority Board Room this morning.

Steve Bland gave his new proposal for cuts to a board committee meeting. he responded...a the thousands of comments made by riders and the 12,000 petitions we gave to Onorato.

His new proposal cuts service to 15% and reduces the number of routes eliminated. But...he also said that without funding, he would implement the old proposal of 25% service cuts and 124 routes eliminated in the Fall.

So we are all still at risk and must stick together and fight for adequate funding.

The Campaign to Stop the Bus Cuts held a press conference in the hallway after the committee meeting. You can see it on the news and here is a link to the KDKA noon coverage in case you missed the news.

At the press conference, the Campaign condemend the Port Authority Proposal for not going far enough. The Campaign believes that the Port Authority Board should develop a budget with no cuts. Then Dan Onorato and other politicians should join us in taking it to Harrisburg to get the funding that we need.

Appropriations Committee Hearing in Green Tree..........Join us there!

Khari Mosley, Co Chair of the Campaign to Stop the Bus Cuts, was invited to give a 15 minute statement at the beginning of the hearing. After two panels of business, civic and academic leaders, members of organizations making up the Campaign and other bus riders will testify. If you would like to testify and there isn't time, written testimony will be accepted by the Committee.

Where: Green Tree Municipal Bldg. 11 Manilla Street - 38C Bus
When: 1:00 PM -4:00 PM Monday, March 26, 2007

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