Saturday, August 14, 2004

Jeff Habay & Ron Morris on radio against the project

Ron Morris is against the tunnel.

Jeff Habay is against the project too, but he wants to do another. Jeff thinks we need to go to the North Side. But, he'd like to see a bridge. Then he wants to take the rail up the Allegheny and/or along the Rt. 8 corridor. We do have existing rail right of way that should be utilized.

A radio conversation happened on Aug. 14, 2004 on Ron's show.

Ron didn't ask an earlier guest, US Congress Memeber, Mellissa Hart about the tunnels under the Allegheny.

Others who have spoken against the tunnel include:
  • Lynn Cullen, a liberal radio show host

  • Dan Onorato, elected official and county executive. Dan knows that there is no money for the local match. And, this isn't his priority
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