Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Conversation: Save us from ourselves

The Conversation: Save us from ourselves

My reply:
Light rail, today, goes very near to the Convention Center and very near to the Strip District. There is a stop next to the Greyhound Bus Station. It is used once a day. With the new plan, that stop moves but a half-block away, closes, and a new stop is built. The new stop goes closer to the dumpsters of the Convention Center.

With little effort, the existing stop can be made to go straight and extend light rail along the existing EAST BUSWAY. The bus way is in the right of way that was planned for the light rail.

We should be using what is alreay there. We should be giving service to places where it is needed the most. A little surface treatment to the existing T-stop would be a snap. Escalators to new ped bridge with cover to the Convention Center, for instance. Then the next new stop could be DEEP within the heart of the STRIP District. That's where the money should go. That is what was planned decades ago.

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