Thursday, September 16, 2004

Federal funds could revive Maglev project

Federal funds could revive Maglev project: "Port Authority board's engineering committee yesterday recommended entering into a grant agreement with the Federal Railroad Administration for nearly $2 million to continue planning and pre-construction activities."

We don't need no stinking Maglev, nor its costly spending. Why get to the airport in 5 minutes when there won't be any planes or flights to take us anywhere? And, why get there in a heartbeat -- but have to wait in line for 90-minutes to get past security. And, won't Maglev present its own security issues as well?

I'd rather have a study and try to get a 100-miles of additional of bike lanes, pedestrian bridges, curb cuts at cross walks, and simple salt/cinder boxes in the winter to better deal with the hills.

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