Saturday, September 18, 2004

Maglev Alternative comment

Maglev should be built from downtown Pittsburgh to downtown Cleveland without any stops. Put the train in an underground vacume tube that is some 300 to 2,000 feet deep and straight as can be. No bumps, bends, lifts or dips. No trouble with land access rights. Not visible. New frontiers. Maglev takes the place of airplanes and only really works when it is secure (hidden from terrorist bombs on tracks) and goes 200 to 500 miles between stops.

After the Pgh to Cleveland route is proven, go east to DC, Phili, NY, Hartford, Boston. Go west to Columbus, Cinci, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Peoria, Indy.

It would make a "New North" of urban centers, eco friendly.

Posted first in blog land over at But, this was talked about some 4-years ago as well.

This is like "Long Wall Mining" except the earth doesn't cave in behind the digging.

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