Sunday, September 19, 2004

Trains may be hazard for the dense

IUP fears students, trains may be hazard: "Though the engine was running, and the train was only six cars long, the students walked through it and under it instead of going around."


If the IUP students are dumb enough and lazy enough to climb under, through and among the cars on a stalled train, then I think the school's administrators have a bigger and more pressing problem.

"When one did it, two or three did it behind them." Gives renewed meaning to the notion of a "train."

Suggestion: Park another six car train on campus and be ready to arrest or at least write tickets for the one's rushing to classes and cutting between the cars. Then use the money for a footbridge.

Because students walk out in front of moving cars without much thought, she figures they'll do the same with a train.

The real question remains; are those kids capable of much thought?

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