Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Conversation's Train in Vain

J. Potts hit a homer on this: I'll leave comments on his blog.

The Conversation:
The federal government, which is bankrolling the Port Authority's North Shore T extension, has the nerve to demand the authority be able to balance its budget and afford the extenion's $740,000 annual operating costs before federal funds will be released for the project. I have a better idea: Kill this boondoggle altogether. The Port Authority ignored cheaper alternatives for the T extension in choosing to tunnel under the Allegheny River, and besides, there is no real demand for this. There is plenty of parking available for Pirates and Steelers games, and residents will see little benefit because with few exceptions they'll still have to take a bus to Downtown, unless they feel like hoofing it to the T.

Is it any wonder rural and suburban legislators are telling the Port Authority, hat in hand and threatening to cut service and raise fares, to get bent?

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