Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let's rally. Let's party. Let's kiss the Toll Road goodbye!

The Mon-Fayette Toll Road was a bad idea from the 1950s that can't seem to die a natural death. As the region clamors for increased transit options; bridges without gaping holes; increased bicycling, pedestrian, and trail amenities; and a system (a system!) that works, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and elected officials like Senator Barry Stout continue to push the $3.5 billion Toll Road.

According to a recent report from the Urban Land Institute, the money ain't there. (We've been saying this for years!) The difference now is that the Turnpike Commission is admitting it. They don't know where to get the money either. Gas tax increase? Not likely. Federal earmarks? Nope. Sell off the road to a private organization? Far-fetched.

Now is the time for a collective "NO!" Join us for a Goodbye Party for the Mon-Fayette Toll Road, in the heart of Braddock, through which the road would heartlessly raze. We'll gather at Mayor John Fetterman's front yard (or the First Presbyterian Church next door on the corner of Braddock & Library, should it rain) for a potluck and lively conversation (8:00 p.m.) That means you should bring some food or snacks to share, and bring your own drinks. We'll have the basics. There will be an outdoor pottery firing going on at the Carnegie Library (if you want to, for example, burn some Turnpike Commission literature).

When night falls, we'll process to the Ohringer Building (640 Braddock Ave.) for the unveiling of an art installation (writ large: NOMFX) and a major announcement about the Toll Road you won't want to miss! We may even pass the hat a little: we need to start the Toll Road Retirement Fund.

At 8 pm on Friday, July 21, 2006 at Mayor John Fetterman's Place in Braddocc

$Free- BYOB & chow | | 412-258-6681

Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future (PennFuture); Progress Pittsburgh; Sierra Club, Allegheny Gp; Group Against Smog & Pollution; Mayor, Braddock PA are tossing a party with a great cause.


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